Aerial Photography:
Krider Photography utilizes high resolution digital and conventional camera equipment and films to provide the image that meets your exact requirements. Camera equipment available includes Hasselblad , Nikon and Linhof.. Our camera platform is gyro stabilized for consistent, sharp images. We fly a turbocharged Cessna 210, which gives us the best available combination of speed, range, altitude capability, stability and overall performance. The aircraft can be configured for either vertical or oblique aerial photography, as needed. Krider aerial photography is performed by skilled professionals, with many years of experience. We serve clients on a regional, national, and international basis. You are guaranteed consistent high quality results.

Real estate
Architectural Development
Engineering Development
Government Planning and Zoning
Law Enforcement
Special Events
Client Gifts
Construction Progress

Architectural Photography:
Krider architectural photography strives for the very best, highest quality architectural photography for our clients. We use high definition digital Nikons or precision medium and large format view cameras, including the 6x6 Hasselblad as well as the 4x5 and 8x10 Sinar and Linhof . Format and camera choice is dependent on client needs, budget considerations, and that best suited for the project. Our skilled professionals strive to enhance the passion created by the designer, architect and builder. We search out, discover and document those aspects of the building and space that best present the spirit and purpose of the place. With our company aircraft we can serve regional and national clients. We are also available for international assignments. You are guaranteed consistent high quality results.

Residential Interiors
Residential Exteriors
Commercial Interiors
Commercial Exteriors
Kitchen and Bath
Commercial Building Progress
Hotel and Resort
Landscape Architecture
Golf Courses
Architectural Products
Construction and Building

Commercial and Advertising Photography:
Krider commercial photography is done in our state of the art Lawrenceburg, Indiana studio, located near Cincinnati, Ohio. We also offer location services. We use Mole Richardson and Lowell tungsten lights, Speedotron and Norman strobe lighting, and high definition digital and conventional film cameras, including Nikon, 6x6 Hasselblad, and the 4x5 and 8x10 Sinar and Linhof. Skilled camera and lighting artists bring out the very best in people, products, and concepts. We guarantee excellent results.

Sell Sheets
Lithographic Prints
Photographic Prints
Small Products
Room Scenes

Locating our office:
Our offices are located in Lawrenceburg, IN. To find us you can view a map at either Mapquest or Yahoo.

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