One of the finest compliments I received came from an architect who had founded his firm. After many years, he had turned over much of the responsibility to younger associates. We were asked to document the many buildings the firm had been responsible for, in preparation for a portfolio presentation. Some of the buildings were better than others, perhaps owing to government bureaucratic or monetary concerns, or lack of aesthetic sense from the clients. All had a “good side”, a characteristic that could present the building in its best light. That element was what I chose to capture in my photography. After completing the assignment, I inquired, as I always do, whether the photography had successfully captured the subjects. He was exuberant in his praise, proclaiming, “Bill Krider, you have performed a miracle.” When I asked what he meant, he said, “in so many cases, you have turned @#!? into gold.” His blunt and slightly offcolor words were praise indeed. Apparently we were successful. Such is the case with many buildings. They look great on paper or in model form, but in the reality of the site, they lose some of their beauty, grandeur and unique character. I pride myself in finding what sometimes is lost, and capturing what the architect, designer and building owner sees as the “gold” of the building. And if nothing is lost in the transition from idea to reality, all the better. The challenge then becomes to present the building in all its glory, with a unique flare and imagination.

William G. Krider
Master Photographer
Photographic Craftsman

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